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Slanting Mixer

Trough and mixing blade are inclined at 45°. The mixing blade is unilaterally supported in the top of the machine. AMK Slanting Mixers are suitable for mixing powdery, granular, fi brous, and damped applications or products requiring damping and also in their final stage flowable pastes. The effectiveness depends on the best utilization regarding the product to be mixed in combination with intensively operating mixing blades. The mixing blade, shaped as an interrupted ribbon, conveys the material into free space in stages. The mixing blade speed is designed thus that apart from this movement a slight centrifugal and vortex effect is achieved. The mode of operation of the mixer enables a short mixing time with high mixing accuracy. AMK Slanting Mixers are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and allied industries. In the chemical industry the machines are used amongst other applications for mixing electroplating salts, welding electrode masses, soap powder, lead dust, insecticides, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry they are used for dampening granular masses, for mixing dry granulates, for drying processes, etc.

Slanting Mixer/Kneader

The AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneader type VISD has trough and mixing blades inclined at 45° as well. The two mixing blades are unilaterally supported. The possibility of use and application is similar to the AMK Slanting Mixer VIS. For the processing of pasty products, the direction of rotation of the mixing blades can be changed to obtain a kneading effect. The product is transported from the blades to the bottom of the trough, in this way producing shearing forces.


Vacuum Slanting Dryer

By arranging the mixing trough under 45° it is possible to move the product horizontally, vertically, and radially by means of a slow-moving mixing blade. The main conveying direction is always to the top into the free space, this means the material is very carefully moved. Due to the slanting position of the trough it is possible to arrange the shaft leadthrough of the mixing blade being unilaterally supported above the mixing level. Thus sealing is made more easy. By fitting the mixer with the bottom cover to swing out sidewise, cleaning can be done simply and safely. This production range is as well available in a pharma version.

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