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You would like to test the different mixing and kneading machines of our AMK product range? This is possible in our laboratory center. Our experienced staff will be happy to support you with your trials and projects. Following machines are available for trials: 

  • Extrusion-Kneader VIU

    • 4 and 60 liter working capacity

  •    Tilt-Kneader IIIP

    •  4 liter working capacity

  •   Mixer / Dryer VIS, VIS-D

    •  25, 40 and 50 liter working capacity

  •  Mixer IIIR and high speed-mixer IIR-SL

    •  For abrasive products

    • 5 and 10 liter working capacity

VIU Werkzeug FINAL.tif

Our mixers, dryers, and extrusion-kneaders are available in various designs, for example with heating or cooling or vacuum. Please contact us for further information.


Karsten Vinbrux

Managing director /

contact person

Thanks very much!

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